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Contrary to popular belief, life isn’t all about hustle. This is a fact that smacked me right in the face while I was on my honeymoon last year. Maui changed my life. Let me tell you why. First, some history. In my other life I’m a photographer. I started back in 2001, fresh out of […]


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Guys… I started a blog. Me. The girl who is the queen of backdating posts on my photography site to make it look like I blog somewhat consistently. (Did I just say that??) I stopped writing in high school when I realized that Mariah Carey wasn’t going to license any of my poems to turn […]


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By far the best choice I could have made.

Not only for myself and my sanity, but for my business.

Always making sure everything was to not only her standards but mine as well, to keeping in constant contact with previews, as well as multitasking the set up of a mobile  and desktop design all at the same time. I should have paid her double, she's worth it!

- Ashli Unkart Photography

Hey, hey!!

My name is Crystal (Lee is my middle name) and I'm a photographer, web designer and Jedi Wizard. It's a thing, trust me.

I love 90's boy band music, coffee with too much sugar and buying books that I never finish. As a ‘tog I know what it feels like to stare at pages and pages of trendy photography websites and feel out of place because I just can't see me

As a certified Showit Design Partner I specialize in creating badass websites and templates exclusively for photographers that want to put their most authentic selves forward.

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