Hot Off The Press… It’s The All New Design Studio Blog!

August 7, 2018

Guys… I started a blog. Me. The girl who is the queen of backdating posts on my photography site to make it look like I blog somewhat consistently. (Did I just say that??) I stopped writing in high school when I realized that Mariah Carey wasn’t going to license any of my poems to turn into her next mega-hit single.

So why am I here starting a blog?? 

I’m here because I’m inspired. I spent some time this summer working on my business as opposed to in it. I watched webinars, organized my life (Trello for the win!) and started reading some of the 257 business books that have been serving as decor and dust collectors in my home. (Anyone else love buying pretty books from Barnes & Noble and never actually reading them? Just me?) I discovered the joy of automated social media posting and I even learned what a podcast is.

All of this resulted in a sudden desire to share with the world. (Which is an odd feeling for an introvert.) I want to share my thoughts, my favorite things, tips on designing websites, things I’ve learned from my 9+ years as a small business owner. I want to help people grow. I want someone else out there to leave this page and feel inspired. Feel excited. Feel motivated. Feel confident.

So that takes us to where we are now… a shiny new blog! Along with a freshly updated website and a brand new template store. Not to mention, a Trello board filled with blog post ideas. Will I follow through with them? We’ll find out!

And because every post is better with a photo, here’s me.

Photog. Web designer. Jedi. Waiting for my Hogwarts letter. Lover of glitter, coffee & all things pink. 

I’m glad you’re here with me at the start and I hope you’ll follow along wherever this thing leads. Find me on Facebook, catch me on Instagram and add me to BlogLovin’ or whatever blog-following app you use!

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