Do you want a new website in 30 days or less?

Are you super excited about the amazingness of ShowIt but not thrilled with the idea of designing your entire website? Let me handle that for you!

My name is Crystal (Lee is my middle name) and I'm a photographer, web designer and social media addict. I'm obsessed with Apple products and I love Netflix marathons, cheesy inspirational quotes, coffee with too much sugar and long walks on the beach. 

As a Showit Design Partner my job is to create gorgeous, unique websites and templates for  photographers and other creatives all over the world.   

Make a lasting first impression with your website.

Did you know that there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day? People are using the internet more than ever to find what they need and research shows that they form their opinion about your website in milliseconds. 

Simply having a website isn't enough. It has to be GOOD. It has to be designed well and tell people not just what you offer but WHO you are. It should be eye-catching, informative and easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices. 

One of the biggest reasons people don't have an up to date website is time. Believe me, I get it! Running a small business is tough and time is valuable. That's why I offer a 30 day turnaround on most website designs. Then I take it one step further by connecting with Showit's incredible support team to get your new website online as quickly as possible. 

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is excellent advice, but it doesn't apply to the internet.

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Contact me for availability and rates for your particular project. We can chat about your website needs and see if we're a good fit!

Like what you see? To make us officially official I just need a signed contract and paid invoice. Then I can add you to my calendar!

Fill out the questionnaire and upload your images & graphics to your Showit media gallery.

Let the design magic begin! After you've approved the layout of your homepage I will build the additional pages that you need.

Once you approve the final design I will help submit your site and/or blog for publication to the support team.

Sit back and relax while the support team uses their super ninja skills to get your website online.

Once your site is live I will go back in and do one final check to make sure everything is working as it should on both the site & blog.

Woohoo!! Your brand new super fantabulous ShowIt website is live and we can celebrate! 

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After you've approved the layout of your homepage I will build the additional pages that you need.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs



I have basically no knowledge when it comes to web design but Crystal has flawlessly built and helped me get familiar with my site so I'm able to update as needed. I probably bugged her with silly questions daily through the process but she never made me feel as silly as I am! Also, it's always nice that she had solid recommendations for my doubts and was very clear with what she needed from me to keep the process moving along. I'd highly recommend Crystal for your web design needs.

- Aleesha






Always making sure everything was to not only her standards but mine as well, to keeping in constant contact with previews, as well as multitasking the set up of a mobile design and computer based design all at the same time. I should have paid her double, she's worth it!

- Ashli





Not only for myself and sanity, but for my business as well.

She's done an incredible job at helping get my site where it needed to be and I'm thankful that she was always willing to show me a blueprint or a plan she had in mind.

If you are looking for a website designer that is willing to work with you and help you create the perfect site then hire Crystal!

- Jerrick

I can't say enough about her.

She's on top of getting things done, she communicates well and most importantly she will keep working with you until you are satisfied.