Top 7 Facebook Groups for Photographers

January 19, 2021

I know, I know… there are SO many Facebook groups out there today! I actually went through a pretty intense social media cleanse a few weeks ago because I was getting overwhelmed with all of the noise. Social media clutter can be draining and I found that I was in a ton of groups that I hadn’t even looked at in months. But amid all of the junk, there are some really great online communities that consistently provide both inspirational and educational content. I had a tough time narrowing it down to just a handful, but these groups get the Crystal Lee seal of approval!

Top Facebook Groups For Photographers

1.  Fuel Your Photos
Haaaaaave you met Corey? (Said in my best Barney Stinson voice.) Lots of people these days claim to be “experts” in SEO… this guy actually is one. At FYP we talk about all things related to online marketing for photographers and other creatives. It’s the place for real, honest SEO advice. (See also: not sugar coated or filled with false promises of getting on page 1 of Google in a day.) I’m a moderator in this group, so feel free to tag me if you have any Showit-specific questions!

>> See also: The FYP YouTube Channel <<
>> Check out the FYP SEO For Photographers Course <<

2. Financial Literacy for Women Business Owners
I hold this group solely responsible for getting me through the first half of the 2020 pandemic. Jamie is constantly on top of important changes and is very active in her group. No political drama (can I get an Amen??), no trolls allowed. Just honest, helpful information about the nitty-gritty of running a business. The numbers nerd in me enthusiastically recommends this group!

3. The Showit User Group
If you use Showit then (naturally) you should be in the Showit group! I encourage people to come to this group with their questions before reaching out to the support team because in most cases questions can be answered quickly by the community. This helps keep the support teams queue from filling up with the tiny things and they can focus on helping with technical errors and site launches. Many of the Showit Design Partners, myself included, are active in the group and do a great job of offering up tips and advice. It’s also a great place to show off your new site once it launches!

4. The LawTog – Legal Resources For Photographers
Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation with a client? Maybe you have some questions about starting your business or need to know what contracts you need? Then the LawTog is for you. Built for photographers by a photographer. Rachel is a photographer, MBA and lawyer. She keeps it real and has an incredible team that helps manage both the LawTog business and the group. Please note that this group is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. You should always, always check with a local lawyer or attorney in your area because the laws vary everywhere. The LawTog blog is a great resource and even has a free photographer’s contract!

5. Garage Brand Live with Gary Hughes
I was introduced to this group earlier this year and it quickly became one of my favorites. It’s built for entrepreneurs of all walks of life and the best part is that you pick the content that’s discussed. Gary sets up polls with a variety of new topics and the community votes on what they’d like to learn about next. He shares a lot of really fantastic articles, does frequent live videos and the best part is… he’s a Star Wars fan. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. (Although I’d disagree with his stance that Empire Strikes Back is the best of the series. I’m a Return Of The Jedi fan myself. Umm, hello… Ewoks!!)

>> Check out Gary’s videos on PhotoVision here <<

6. Ben Hartley’s Six Figure Photography
I have been following Ben for years and it’s been amazing to watch his group grow to such a massive following. He has this incredible energy that is so inspiring, and you can see it during one of his many Facebook live videos that he puts out for everyone in the group completely free. He is real, he is honest and to be frank… he’s a freaking genius. I’ve purchased his courses, watched his live presentations on stage at United and even had the honor of watching him in action during a styled shoot. The Six Figure Photography podcast is also a wealth of information! If you want to push your photography business to a higher level, this group is for you.

7. Booked Up Photographers | Facebook Ads & Marketing With Samantha Grant
Samantha is not only an amazing wedding photographer, but she really knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook ads! I actually purchased her course over the holidays and I’m slowly working my way through it. Her and her team are very responsive in both her free group and the course group. If you want to learn more about attracting dream clients using Facebook ads, go check this group out!

>> Learn more about her course at <<

Honorable Mentions:

Showit tips



Real sites



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