39 Blog Post Ideas For Newborn Photographers

May 11, 2021

Blogging As A Newborn Photographer

Are you a newborn photographer that is struggling with what to blog about? Does the idea of maintaining a blog give you anxiety? Then this post is for you!

There is no doubt that blogging is a very important part of SEO. But that doesn’t mean you need to blog every single session or publish 27 posts a month for it to be successful. In fact, for most photographers the opposite is true.

Blogging definitely isn’t what it used to be. A lot has changed since the birth of social media, and that’s a good thing. How often you blog matters significantly less than what you blog. Writing 1-2 high-quality posts a month will do more for your website than writing about 6 random photo sessions a week.

That’s not so scary, right? Keep scrolling for great blog post ideas to inspire and motivate you!

Newborn baby girl sleeps on a grey blanket, by Crystal Lee Photography.

Before They Book

It’s so important, especially in the realm of newborn photography, to show that you are an experienced professional. Writing a series of educational posts will help drive that point home to potential clients.

  • 7 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Newborn Photographer
  • The Best Age For Newborn Photos
  • Working With Multiples (Twins, Triplets, etc)
  • The Importance Of Safety Education
  • Why You Should Add On A Maternity Session
  • Studio Tour
  • Top 4D Imaging Centers in (insert your town here)
  • What Is The Difference Between A Lifestyle And A Posed Newborn Session?
  • How To Choose Colors For Your Newborn Session
  • My Favorite Etsy Shops For Newborn Props
  • From Real Moms: What You Really Need On Your Baby Registry
  • Tips For Taking Newborn Photos At Home
  • Why You Need To Book Your Newborn Session Before Baby Arrives

Need some more pre-session ideas? Make a list of the questions you’re most frequently asked by potential clients and turn it into a blog post!

Preparing For The Session

  • What If My Newborn Won’t Sleep?
  • My Workflow: Transitional Posing With Newborns
  • Customize Your Session With A Special Prop From Home
  • Sibling Photos: Expectations Vs. Reality
  • What To Wear For Your Family Portrait
  • The Importance Of Being In Photos
  • A Checklist Of What To Bring For Your Newborn Session
  • Safety First: Baby-Led Posing
  • Why Most Newborn Photos Are Done Asleep
Newborn baby girl by Ashli Unkart Photography, sleeping on a purple and teal set.

My good friend Ashli has written up a great post for her clients about how to prepare for a newborn session, and she’s received wonderful feedback from her clients!

Check out the post here: https://ashliunkartphotography.com/2021/04/10/preparing-for-your-studio-newborn-session/

Feature Your Work

A great alternative to posting individual photo sessions is to choose a theme and share a variety of images based on that theme. Give yourself bonus points by adding a Pinterest graphic at the end of the post and make sure to pin the finished post!

  • 5 Props That I Use In Every Newborn Session
  • 20 Images Of Smiling Newborns
  • 15 Holiday Themed Newborn Sets
  • My Favorite (insert theme here)-Inspired Newborn Photos
  • All About Color: Newborn Sessions Styled In (Blue, Pink, Yellow, etc)
  • Snug As A Bug: 17 Swaddled Newborn Photos
  • My Favorite Tummy Poses For Newborns
  • Embracing Bold Colors In Your Newborn Session
  • Make It Personal: My Favorite Newborn Images With Props From Home
Newborn baby girl in a bowl surrounded by flowers, by Crystal Lee Photography.

Florals are one of my favorite things to use in newborn sessions, so I’ve written up a blog post to showcase some of my favorite floral images. These kinds of posts can be updated anytime you have fresh images to add!

Check out the post here:

Posts For After The Session

  • Designing Your Birth Announcements
  • How To Choose & Download Your Digital Images
  • Where To Display Finished Portraits In Your Home
  • Featured Product: (Gallery Wrapped Canvases, Albums, Metal Prints, etc)
  • Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos
  • A Holiday Gift Giving Guide
  • Best Photo Gifts For Grandparents
  • Before & After (Newborn Editing and/or Composites)

Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of your blog posts! What do you want them to do next? Link to your newborn gallery page or experience page to encourage viewers to keep exploring your website. The goal for these informative blog posts is to not only educate and inspire your readers, but to ultimately turn them into clients.

Do you have a great piece of content on your own blog?

Feel free to share it in the comments!

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